About Gregory Cheadle, PhD (student), JD, MPA

Why Cheadle for U.S. House?

Gregory Cheadle, PhD student, JD, MPA is no stranger to controversy and is unafraid of speaking with SOUND FACTS and not SOUND BITES.He is the man for Congress because he abhors economic and social injustice! He is free from large corporate and special interests ties, and political party control. He has compassion for the disabled, concern for Veterans, is protective of seniors, and dismisses political correctness. He is unashamedly a fighting candidate of THE PEOPLE, by THE PEOPLE, for THE PEOPLE!

CHEADLE is not a puppet of the filthy rich!

CHEADLE is not owned by corporations!

CHEADLE is a statesman not a power hungry and money grubbing political figure who says what you want to hear!

CHEADLE will not vote on bills he did not read!

CHEADLE will work towards:

1) Defining ambiguous and important terms in bills

2) Voting on single item bills to eliminate add-ons/riders

3) Campaign finance reform

4) Limiting the size of a bill with a maximum of 50 pages per business day prior to a vote. The American people have been duped by legislators who voted on bills that were in excess of 1,000 pages and did not have the time to read it prior to a vote.

There is nothing easy about politics if you wish to remain unbeholden to special interests by their money. I have knocked on thousands of doors and met numerous people. Though I have aligned myself with the Democratic party, I listen to the points of view from every aspect of the political spectrum. As a representative, listening is far more important than talking. I have participated in a number of protests to show my support for issues and to make my voice heard, not only for me, but for those who share my views and do not have the platform to have their own voices heard. The United States is in deep trouble on many fronts due largely to the preferences given to policies that favor the interests of well moneyed individuals and corporations, rather than to the poor and middle-class groups.

Cheadle was not born "privileged" nor with the proverbial "silver spoon" in his mouth, but was born and raised in the inner-city. As a consequence, he knows what it is like to struggle and pull yourself up by your proverbial bootstraps when the bootstraps have been cut. Having lived through the era of segregation, Mr. Cheadle has experienced injustice and abhors it in all forms, and is an advocate for redress, education, and equal opportunity in the interim. His main areas of concern are health, health care, economic and social justice, and reducing the tax burden on citizens.

Mr. Cheadle's undergrad degree is in psychology (physiological) and pre-med. He has a Masters degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in Healthcare administration. He also has a Doctor of Jurisprudence (law) degree. Currently, Mr. Cheadle is pursuing a PhD in Social Welfare and Research centering on Black men and prostate cancer. In addition, Mr. Cheadle is a real estate broker, luxury playhouse builder, author, lecturer, and has an emergency teaching credential.

Always one to give back to the community Mr. Cheadle has spent 18 years volunteering in the ER, and one year in the Office of the Public Defender.

Taking a knee was a prime example of whenever a Black man stands up against injustice the gates of hell are opened to withstand any advance. Those demonic forces were unleashed and serve to divide Americans along racial lines more than anything since slavery itself.

As a Democrat, Cheadle realizes that no political party suits him perfectly, nevertheless he is committed to pursuing justice, fairness, and equity. Moreover, given his exposure, he finds it easy to have conversations and to work with those on every part of the political spectrum to discover solutions to problems faced by all Americans. His belief is that if we refuse to come together and work together to solve problems as brothers and sisters, we will perish together and history will write that we were the richest and most educated of fools.

Gregory Cheadle in the media

Cheadle been featured in numerous magazines, blogs, radio, newspapers, television programs around the world including Newsweek, People.com, CNN with Don Lemon, Essence.com, Fox Soul, CNN with Brooke, NY Times, NPR, KGO, PBS, even the Jesse Lee Petersen Show, etc.

The hair and makeup women Stephen Colbert has are the best!

Being prepped for the Late Show with Stephen Colbert Show in New York!

The people behind the scenes of the Stephen Colbert Show were a joy to work with!!!

Serving food at the Good News Rescue Mission

Hanging out in the Newsroom after my segment in the chair of the one and only Lester Holt!

During a Congressional debate I challenged people by giving answers that were not the mere sound bites they had become accustomed to in the media.

Being grilled at a Gun Rights forum in which I made the point that the Constitution gives one the right to bear arms, it does not force one to have arms. Additionally, gun restrictions came about after slavery because Whites were afraid of Blacks being armed! Whites who live gated communities have little in common with Blacks who live in high crime areas.

Amazingly, government does not trust its citizens with guns, but citizens trust government with guns! One need only read through the annals of history to see how governments killed multiple MILLIONS of their unarmed citizens. Consider the bloody rein of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Mao, Himmler, Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin, Augusto Pinochet, and Vladimir Lenin.

Few things incur the wrath of White America as Black man standing up to defend his people. To hide their racism Whites made kneeling a sign of disrespect. The entirety of "Taking a knee" suddenly became an issue in which Whites cast themselves in the center of the controversy and the victims of disrespect. Suddenly kneeling became of sign of disrespect for the flag and the military. The entire issue of police of abuse of Blacks had been drowned by a chorus of pseudo American nationalism.

Yes, Santa comes in all colors!

Taking a knee was political suicide for me. Those who at one time loved me and willingly voted for me turned against me. Prejudice and the desire to "Keep Blacks in their place" was so prevalent in the district that if I had kept my mouth shut or dared to be against taking a knee it would have bolstered my chances in the primary. However, no reward is worth the price of being a "sellout." Regardless of the cost I could not remain silent on such an important issue for Blacks and people of color and proudly sided with"Taking a knee."

This is me with one of the many drivers I have been privileged to have chauffeur me from to and from studios. He was a really nice guy and even treated me to lunch!!!

Me embracing "Baby Moses" the longest living infant heart transplant recipient!

An AirBNB host cancelled my reservation because he did not like my politics. He was too afraid to discuss this with the media when contacted.

With Meagan Good and Devon Franklin

With Stevie Mackey the voice coach for JLo and a host of other A List singers!

Built a dog house for a client in Arizona. Of course it had air conditioning and tile flooring!

Hanging out with one of my precious clients!

This playhouse was built for a client in Lafayette CA and was featured in Better Homes and Gardens.

Accompanied by my son on a playhouse build for the LA Fair.