Term Limits

Given the anger and frustration many people have regarding politics, especially with lawmakers being in office for several decades, "term limits" has become the vehicle many people feel will change the political landscape. Will term limits really do what people think they want to have happen? NO!

The first issue will be how many terms a Congress person is limited to. Senator serve 6 year terms. Will they be limited to 1, 2, or ever 3 three term? If they are limited to 3 terms that still allows them to be in office for 18 years!!! U.S. Representatives serve 2 year terms. How many terms will they be limited to? Will they be able to serve as long as Senators?

Term limits will serve the sole purpose of limiting the time an individual will hold office. However, the problem with politics at the federal level is not the individual who is on office for an extended period, it is the type of person that is in office. Our government is "bought." As such, it matters not to the moneyed individuals, corporations, and special interests who purchase lawmakers what individual is on office. What matters is that the person holding the office is "bought." Term limits will serve to limit the person that is in office, but it does not change the type of person (a bought politician) in office. Term limits fail miserably to change the status quo of American politics. Much to the delight of moneyed individuals, corporations, and special interests term limits will maintain the status quo.

What will alter the power at the national level and once again bring it to We the people? Campaign finance reform! As an example, I would propose that the maximum contribution per entity to any candidate would be $2500. An entity will be defined as a person, couple, business, or PAC, etc. Additionally, no money for a congressional candidate's campaign should come from any source outside fo the district the candidate is running in. Though the Supreme Court has ruled that thee is no limit to the amount of money a person my spend of their own money, this law must be overturned or negated by acts of Congress. Otherwise we will have only the rich running for and winning thereby creating a system that benefits the wealthy at the expense of the poor.