Wealth Inequality

Tax the Rich???

Many are of the opinion that taxing the rich will be the the panacea to wealth inequality. If you taxed the rich to the level that 90% of their income would go to taxes it would not make much difference in the way wealth is distributed. What is by far a better way of dealing with wealth inequality is to frustrate the accumulation of massive wealth via the entity called the "Corporation." 

The corporation allows a few people to make colossal fortunes by the use of other people's money. A well timed IPO can make the founder of a corporation a billionaire overnight! Corporations are bought and sold and their employees fired in the wake of the sale. This leads to unemployment which further widens the wealth gap.

Some of the ways that the wealth gap can be brought under control:

1)  Eliminate corporations

2) Rigorously enforce anti-monopoly laws

3) Section 8 recipients should become owners instead of perpetual renters

4 ) Reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act

5) Give Tax incentives to businesses to hire rather than rely upon technology