Gregory Cheadle is no stranger to controversy and is fearless in his pursuit of addressing, attacking, and eliminating injustice. The issues that plague the United States must be addressed in a manner that benefits "We the people" not "We the moneyed special interests." Too long America has turned its back on the cries of the poor and maligned. This mental illness has resulted in policies that benefit the wealthy and exploit the poor leading to homelessness and rampant crime. 

WIth your vote, CHEADLE will be a GREAT Representative, ranking in the top 2% of Congressmen in educational attainment given his PhD (candidate), JD, MPA and GED!

Cheadle is a people person who listens more than he talks! He honors those who gave all to defend this country and cares deeply for seniors, the poor and handicapped!

Not on my watch!!!

It is by listening to those who disagree with me that I learn the most.

This was a good charitable event for raising money for cancer.

Where does your donation money go? Each Congressional district has approximately 700,000 residing in it. Your contribution to my campaign will go to reach these 700,000 people with my campaign message in the most efficient and effective way possible. There are many costs associated with running a campaign, these include flyers, signs, speaking engagements, media appearances, staff, office space, internet, consultants, web hosting, filing and bank fees TV, radio, print, billboard, and social media, volunteer needs (like tote bags, clipboards, cell phone chargers, and pens) that volunteers will need to properly represent me when they do things like knock on doors, go to events, walk in parades, and make phone calls, travel and events.