As the world population approaches 8 billion, there is a growing chorus of voices sounding an alarm that there are too many people on the planet and actions must be taken to limit and decrease the number of people inhabiting the earth. Interestingly, those making these claims show their hypocrisy by not committing suicide! It seems that if they want the world populations to decrease it would start with them. They like all of us really want a chance to live.

The real issues is not the number of people inhabiting the planet, the real issues is the number of animals used for food that are slaughtered each year for food! Estimates range from 75 to 80 BILLION animals as the number of animals that are slaughtered for food each year in the world. This number excludes the TRILLIONS of pounds of fish that are caught and consumed along with the untold BILLIONS, if not TRILLIONS of pounds that are bycatch each year. This also does not include the number of animals that were condemned for health reason, that died in transport, died on the farm, etc. Nor does this figure include all of the pets across the world that people have. Of course all of these animals have to eat and the food they consume does not come close to matching the amount of flesh they provide that is used as meat for food. For instance an average cow at slaughter may weigh 1000 pounds, but only half or 500 pounds will be edible for food. However, during its one year of life, it will consume upwards of 5,000 pounds of food and drink 3600 gallons of water - that is enough water for 20 people to drink in a year at 8 cups per day.

There are BILLIONS of animals on the earth each year that are in production for slaughter requiring food and water. These animals exist for one reason, and one reason only, PROFITS! Rather that attack the number of people inhabiting the earth, we need to take a close look at t he cost of the unsustainable number of animals slaughtered each year leading to massive profits for the agricultural industry.